17 Nov 2014

Check Mate :: Plaid Boxy Coat & Floppy Hat

Hi everyone.

Spent the last couple of days playing around with trial videos to learn how to edit them, add music and captions, but more importantly to be able to make a video that reflects ME ! Research is always important and whilst I was trawling through Youtube ( I will be honest to admit I hardly go onto Youtube to watch Vlogs) something disturbing popped up and now it's making me think twice.

I will get to that bit later on in this post but in the meantime, as you have seen from my last post - I am beginning to enjoy trending hats. So here's another Fall / Winter  look you could be inspired with.

Was one of those mornings where you dress for warmer weather and suddenly it starts to get cloudy and windy. So threw on this boxy coat and wore my trusted wedge sneakers from Zara to keep warm. Not forgetting a nice floppy hat to keep the hair in place and my head warm from the chilling winds.

This Fall / Winter 2014, I have been gravitating towards Boxy Jackets and Coats. Something about this structure that gives a little element of that runway feel to outfits otherwise simple or lame if paired with a regular cardigan.

Always been a lover of adding red accents to black, so no surprise this time with my YSL inspired bag that I nicked off my mom some years back and another beloved item from my closet ( which you probably have noticed me trending a few times in my blog) - my Rue 21 jeans for US$ 10!!

Top : Cotton On ( similar here) // Jeans : Rue 21 ( similar here) // 
Coat : EG Fashion ( similar here) // Sneakers : Zara ( similar here) // 
Bag : YSL inspired (similar here)// Scarf : gift ( similar here)// Ring : Old (similar here)

So back to my initial fears about starting to Vlog or do Youtube videos. You see, whilst researching how others edit their videos or simply learning how to Vlog, I came across particularly  two very successful and inspiring Vloggers - Eleventhgorgeous and Zoella who I thought are so good in what they do and obviously they are so down to earth people that resulted in their many subscribers or followers.

Unfortunately just of late, they have been " victimised" if I can use that word, from hate comments and people who simply perhaps are jealous of their successes and either getting Youtube to strike them ( as in the case of Eleventhgorgeous) or for Zoella, where she was put down by many horrid hate comments resulting in her breakdown and having to take time off from Vlogging. This is utterly sad because even as a new follower of Vlogs, I personally enjoyed their videos and each and everyone of their videos had their own personality coming through. They were not fake nor trying too hard or got overwhelmed by their sponsors that their vlogs became simply another ad for a product. I will be honest to admit some of their videos were even good Pick Me Ups for those gloomier days. My take on on all this is that, if you do not like their style / personality or what they are doing - just DON'T FOLLOW them or view their Vlogs. SIMPLE!! What do you gain by continuing to view their videos, and then only to leave hate comments? 

So with that said, I am concern to be " exposed" in that manner but I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Blogging and soon to be Vlogging, will always be a hobby I enjoy and seriously, if you do not like my style or what I have to say - then please move on. 

Till then, for my great supporters, do continue to keep your positive comments, requests and don't forget your final entries coming in for the Michael Kors US$ 300 Gift Card Giveaway and  do watch this space for the next exciting giveaway coming your way soon.

Simone xoxo

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13 Nov 2014

Aztec Culture : Two Piece Aztec Print Outfit + Grey Winter Hat

Brr.....it is indeed getting colder now. As you can see from the view behind, it is foggy and miserable these last couple of days...so needed a little pick me up with my new hat which I got from Zara Home!! YES !!! They do sell accessories as well. Was completely surprised but a girlfriend wore hers and I said " I gotta have it", and at a steal of a price as well as with  a " MADE IN ITALY" tag instead of the usual "made in china", how could I not?

Aztec prints is definitely fun to trend this Fall, especially when top to toe print outfits / looks is the IN trend for Fall / Winter 2014. So imagine my blissful happiness when I stumbled across this 2 piece crop top skirt suit from a boutique in one of our local malls in the area. Can you believe it? Comfy and slightly stretchable, this ( what I would think is some sort of cotton) outfit was only less than US$ 20! Didn't bother to try it in the fitting room and kept fingers cross it'll fit. Lo and behold!! Another great buy!

I do love crop tops but find it very difficult to style / trend them. You probably would have noticed I have not posted much outfits in this style since I am so conscious about my tummy area and believe me - I have no "washboard toned" tummy to show off. So finding the right length for a crop top was ideal. This one just barely skimmed the top of the skirt and what was even better is that trending this style for Fall, with the options of  a scarf to help hide any areas that would peep through, this outfit was worth every penny. More so, you can even mix and match the top with jeans or perhaps pair the skirt leggings, turtleneck and a jacket.  So ideally you have at least 4 outfits or so to trend with one buy. 

Two Piece Outfit : EG Fashion ( similar here) // Hat : Zara Home ( similar here) //
Booties : New Look ( similar here) // Scarf : Maple ( similar here)

Am leaving you with some pictures of outfits that's been styled for Fall with different styles of hats. Hope it will inspire you.

Photos courtesy of ASOS,  Madamederosa.com  & Pinterest

Photos courtesty of Stylishlyme.com, whowhatwear, Asos & Pinterest

Keep warm and watch this space for the next giveaway coming soon. Meanwhile, keep your entries coming in for the Michael Kors Giveaway ending on 24/11. Click here to enter. Good luck!!

Simone xoxo

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11 Nov 2014

Trending Tuesday :: Nude Cardigan + Printed Pants

Hi everyone. Hope you guys had a good weekend.

Been busy working on another giveaway since we are literally counting down the days to Christmas and many of you would actually be starting your early Christmas shopping. Stores are starting to throw out pre-Christmas sales and Early Bird Discounts etc... So please stay tuned !

Was having a nice cuppa this morning with a friend at Pacific Coffee and suddenly Christmas Carols started playing in the background! We literally just stared at each other and started to laugh ( we're just about mid-November and a good month and a half away from Xmas)....indeed the mood is building up in the air and before you know it, it's the holiday seasons again!

I know I am slightly behind the general blogging public here seeing I have only recently become active again but am hoping to start making videos. So whilst I am learning how to edit my own videos for the moment, I will try my best to launch my first Youtube video soon.

So here's an outfit perfect for this transitional period where a little cover up is required although it may not get that cold by mid day so you can easily slip off the cardi and enjoy the sun whilst it lasts.

Do remember that the Michael Kors US$ 300 Gift Card Giveaway is ending soon on 24th November 2014. So hurry and get your entries in as soon as possible for that chance to get yourself an early Christmas pressie. Click here to enter.

Top : H&M // Cardigan : Cotton On // Pants :  Zara
Bag : Miu Miu // Necklace : Hanna Lee ( thanks Carla) // Bangle : Zara 
Watch : Michael Kors // Heels : BCBGeneration 

Simone xoxo

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7 Nov 2014

Walking Military : Military Style Jacket & Peep Toe Heels + 7 Day Military Look To Trend

Hi everyone !

Weather has changed almost immediately from the click of the change of month - being much cooler and the need for outerwear. It is so refreshing!

Jackets are starting to be pulled out of closets as compared to last week. Another spin off that was recently done on #PinnedItSpinnedIt on Instagram, I had to share this casual outfit of the day look with you.  Was browsing through the stores yesterday and noticed although it isn't a typical FALL trend to follow however racks in Zara, H&M & Forever 21 ( just to name a few) was lined with military styled jackets of a myraid of variations that it was hard not to pick it up, that this is definitely a trend to follow this Fall / Winter 2014.

This is an old jacket of mine, but it has warmed me up many a cooler nights in Singapore and cooler days here in HK. Loving this Olive colour, this style of jacket has been transcending seasonal changes in terms of style and colour. A basic must-have piece to have in your closet.

Jacket : New Look ( similar here) // T-Shirt : H&M  //Jeans : Forever 21 ( similar here)
Cuff : Hermes inspired ( similar here & here) // Necklace : Chanel  inspired ( similar here)
Bangles : Forever 21 ( similar here) // Watch : Kenneth Cole ( similar here)
Heels : Charles & Keith ( similar here)

Hollywood celebrities trending the Military Jacket look

Those of you who have been following Kate Middleton's looks would agree with me that she certainly loves this style seeing that quite a few of her outfits which she has been recycling in her closet are very inclined towards military inspired looks. Like the Short Crop Navy Blue Jacket ( see last picture below). A must-have if you haven't noticed on most of her overseas trips.

As promised, I have put together a look for each day of the week to inspire you to trend the Military Jacket this Fall. I particularly chose outfits with skirts as its almost " by default" that one would often think of styling military jackets with jeans/ pants. Hence this inspiration board will help you take your creativity a step further with skirts for Fall/ Winter. So, which is your favourite look?

Photo Credits : Justaprettystyle.com //chicstreetstyle.me //thechicdaily.com // Jess Archibald //atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com

Photo Credits : blog.depshops.com //snapfashionista.com //pinterest.com
Don't forget that the Michael Kors Giveaway is still on till 24 November 2014. Entries are piling up so go and put your name down cos who knows - you could be the lucky one.

Click on this link to enter. Good Luck and have a great weeekend ahead!

Simone xoxo

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